About us-Teddos Transport CC Shuttle Services

About us-Teddos Transport CC Shuttle Services

About us

Mogamat Shafiek and Farieda Salie in 2007 after 2 years in the transport industry, decided to start their own venture.

Teddos Transport was started with the intent to bring improved, Customer focused service to all users of the service in an industry that has been caught up in the rush of getting people from point to point.  Conscious of time pressure on all users, the planning required for each journey is carried out in detail and executed with the commitment to make good on our primary promise: We will get you to your journeys end safely, in comfort and on time.  Every time.

To achieve this, each Teddos Transport Team member will serve your needs to the best of his ability.  Each Team member understands that in our business serving the needs of the Customer is our primary deliverable and secures our future as a happy Customer most of the time means repeat business and potential growth and secure employment.

Teddos Transport  ensures that its vehicles is routinely cleaned and maintained to comply with all legislation applicable.  This gives credence to our promise to ensure the comfort and safety of our Customers.  Our Drivers are all appropriately licensed and all are holders Public Drivers Permits. 

Teddos Transport is open for business 24 hours every day.  Contact us and find out how we can serve your need reliably and efficiently.

MS Salie.