Services-Teddos Transport CC Shuttle Services

Services-Teddos Transport CC Shuttle Services


Planning takes into consideration a host of factors. Should any of these factors force Teddos to consider a change in schedule, the Customer is immediately informed.

"Rather late than never" is not a phrase considered at Teddos.  We live by the standard:"Rather NEVER late".
Teddos Transport takes pride in the provision of a World Class level of transportation solutions for Staff.  All routes and timings are calculated to ensure on time arrival at the final destination.
Teddos Transport provides a point to point charter service, focused on transport of groups of people picked up on a common point of departure and travelling to a common destination. 

Charter services can be tailored to the needs of the Client and is at present strictly limited to the Western Cape.  
Teddos Transport provides a service to shift personnel inbound and outbound to and from their place of employment.  This service is available every day and at all hours.  Personnel will be picked up and dropped off at time specified by the Customer.  

This service is extended across all the major centers of the Western Cape.
All personnel are:
  • PDP holders
  • Fully licensed
  • Subject to the rules and regulations of Teddos Transport
All vehicles are:
  • appropriately licensed.
  • comprehensively insured.
  • are tracked live.
  • are mechanically maintained to ensure performance and safety standards are never compromised.
  • roadworthy and compliant to all applicable legislation.
  • References
Available on request.